Why Visit

Indonesia is not only a land of opportunity when sourcing products, but also an ever-unfolding market of savvy consumers with a hearty appetite for the latest interior design and lifestyle product design trends!

Indonesia is expanding so quickly on so many fronts and this is why industry professionals are driven to do more and more business in cities across the country.

Source your products from local and international exhibitors.

These are exciting times, indeed!

Visitor Registration

Showdays & Admission

Opening days : 5 – 8 October 2017

Trade :
5 – 7 October 2017
opening hours : 10:00 – 19:00

Public :
8 October 2017
opening hours : 10:00 – 20:00

Admission Fee:

  • Free for online registration
  • Trade days : USD 10
  • Public day : USD 5
Important Rules & Etiquette

Minors below 18 years old will not be allowed to enter the exhibition hall during tradedays. For Trade & Professionals only
All attendees must be appropriately dressed in business attire and covered shoes. Bermuda’s shorts and slippers are not allowed to entry. The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to participants who are not properly dressed.
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